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Politcal Graffiti

Written by AG

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Elephants on the left and donkeys on the right - And in the center ring it’s pistol beating, money grabbing, bribe taking, garbage cleaning, art snatching, vote stealing and..

Chicago Politics, most interesting politics
The circus is coming to your town
With jerks, buffoons and elephants
From the House of Delegates
And certified administrative clowns

When I was young I must have had a mental embargo
About taking jobs or money for my vote
So when I’m dead please bury me in downtown Chicago
So I can still keep casting my vote (when I’m dead)
I can make up all those years I didn’t vote

In the center ring the fun begins
When pot-hole jumping citizens
Join in and dance with the clowns
There’s a party here - a party there
There’s a three-ring circus everywhere
And political reporters all around

The pooper scopper’s a friend of mine
He’s the precinct captain from 49
He’s got himself a job can’t you see
Vote early - often as you can
Vote absentee then vote again
Here’s a dollar bill - go vote for me


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