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Politcal Graffiti

Written by AG

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Come one - Gather all.  Now is the time for the Chicken Liveration.  Chicken’s Rights!

Brak bak ba ..

Over on the hill by the chicken house
The chicks were having a ball
With pigs at the door, a real live band
And corn from wall to wall

Well everything was going fine
Till off in the distance they heard
A band of people (people!) people
Speaking those people words

Chorus (I guess)
It was a very good year because we ate a lot of chicken
A very good year because we ate a lot of chicken
A very good year because we ate a lot of chicken

Well Clara McClacker said:  "Stop the ball!"
Now’s come a time for one and for all
To gather together in the Chicken Liveration

For the benefit of our listening audience I am at the capitol where the chickens have filled the balconies and the wings.  In a moment we will hear from Senator Big-Butt on why he opposes chicken’s rights.

Senator Big-Butt:
Mom and dad used to eat a lot of chicken
The death of my grandpa was a bone from a chicken
So out of tradition, I’m just a chicken eater
The kids in school used to call me a chicken
The guys in the army - they knew I was a chicken
So now it’s my right.  I’m a chicken eater.


(How would you like it if someone took a bite out of your leg or ate your children before they hatched?!)

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