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Politcal Graffiti

Written by AG

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The plolitika rock is a pile of crock
But I guess we like the rhythm of the blues
Everybody’s swaying to political sayings
And turning on the late night news

Now the GoverNuts got a brand new band
And they think it’ll go all the way
But when they put your hands in your pockets
You can almost hear them say

Politika roll (big money) politika rock
Politika roll (big money) politika rock
Well we vote them in because we think it’s a sin
To see a politician work a real job

Four yeas and seven minutes ago today our contributors brought forth upon us a proposition that all big money is created equal - I’ll take it all.

The capitol rap is a pile of crap
And it is that way today
Because the pot-bellied fat-heads wrote the tune
So it’s gotta be sung that way

The GOP holds a party
And puts a gorilla with religion at the door
While the democrats gather down at the river
And pass around the hat for more.


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