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Politcal Graffiti

Written by AG and DMB

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If I’m so smart I ask myself
Then why am I so broke
I’ve got worn out shoes a worn out shirt
And a worn out hat and coat

And, if you are asking me
To pray thanks for what I’ve got
I’d have to say:  “Hey, thank you Jesus”
But I ain’t got a heckuva lot

Everybody’d like to be a rich man
Sad, tanned, spoiled and unabused
Everybody’d like to try a new pair of shoes
So they could shake those poor man’s blues

Hey!  Somebody lend me a dollar.  The governor says he’s broke.  He can’t give me any more.  I called him up.  Told him I was coming to supper.  Told him to set out a big ole plate for me.

They say the rich are all unhappy
That money doesn’t really count
Well, I may be a damned ole fool
But I’d like to try the money out

Then if I get lazy and a little bit crazy
You can blame it on what you choose
But the way my life is going now
I ain’t got much to loose


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