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Politcal Graffiti

Written by AG and BJ

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In a joint meeting of the city council
And the county commission last night
The opportunity arose to try to
Solve the city’s plight

Well the pornographic underground
Is getting bigger every day
So the vote came up to throw them out
Or to let them have their way

The mayor said he’s rather bored
Sitting home alone
Turning on the TV
And watching the family shows

The Sheriff said he’d catch more crooks
If there were more crooks around
So they made this formal motion
That we .. liven up this town

Chorus:  ( The council sings )

Turn this whole damn town
Into a pornographic pit
Run out all the preachers
And bring in all the pimps

Put a banner on the interstate
Saying:  "Welcome Everyone"
To the world's largest
Pornographic pit

Wo.  It was pittiful.

So the democrats and the republicans
Together (for once) cast their vote
To rearrange, make a change
And put this town afloat

Now the bus station’s back in town
And the streets have been renamed
They’ve given a whole new meaning
To home town U.S.A.


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