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Politcal Graffiti

Written by AG and BOO (BOO wrote the intro - cool!)

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Seven days a week I’m enforcing the law
Protecting everybody from the criminals
I’m cool, uncorruptable, remarkably brave
And the lawbreakers learn to hate the sound of my name

I’m collector of the taxes and I drive a big car
I’m elected by the people and I know who they are
Corruption is beneath me and I never use drugs
I’m tougher and smarter than the average thug

He’s the lawman - Hold up your hands
He’s the lawman - That’s who I am
He’s the lawman - I got your life in my hands

You’re a minor with no license driving drunk at the wheel
I wouldn’t want to see you go to jail - I would feel
I didn’t do the moral thing to give you a break
But going out with me could alter your fate

And evening with me could be the thrill of your life
My shift is almost over let me give you a ride
I got a suitcase full of goodies that I saved form a bust
And the local bar is part of my security trust


Copyright ©1975-2010 The GoverNuts. All Rights Reserved.